I agree to participate in the SMS4dadsSA research project, as described in the information statement. I give this consent freely.

I understand that I can withdraw from the project at any time and that I do not have to give any reason for withdrawing.

I consent to receiving text messages to my mobile phone, as described in the information statement.

I consent to participating in an online survey before, during and after participating in SMS4dadsSA.

I understand the possible risks and/or discomforts and inconveniences, as outlined in the Information Form.

I understand that there will be no payment for taking part in this study.

I consent to SMS4dadsSA sending information and an invitation to participate in SMS4dadsSA to my phone so that I can pass them onto my child’s mother.

I understand that my personal information will remain confidential to the researchers and that I will not be identifiable in publications or reports stemming from this research.

I have had the opportunity to have questions answered to my satisfaction.

I am aware that I can download a copy of the Consent Form, when completed, and the Information Form

If you'd like to receive a summary of the research findings, please provide an email address below.